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Why have one space when you can have two! The Possibilities Cabin can help you achieve a multipurpose room to suit your needs. Whether you want a gym, sauna, office, bar, games room, the possibilities are endless. Just pick the rooms that you desire, and we will create the foundations for you. Take a look at some cabin ideas below.

Possibilities Cabin
Jacuzzi Type Cabin

Fancy your own spa area to relax, unwined and destress from a long days work or hard gym session? Why not incorporate a jacuzzi area into your cabin. Not only this but your jacuzzi could double up as a great summer entertainment area with a bbq or bar! 

Barbeque Type Cabin

A BBQ area provides the perfect set up for months of entertaining family and friends in an al fresco dining fashion. Conjoined with a bar area, lounge or games room, you can create a complete entertainment cabin with all year round use. The best bit is you can retire to your spotless house after a long day or nights entertainment and leave all the tidying till later!

Alternatively, if you pair your BBQ area with an office or gym, to achieve the perfect balance entertainment to productivity. Whatever you choose, at EcoGreenCabins we will ensure you have the highest quality foundations to suit your cabin needs.

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EcoGreenCabins have brought together a team of designers and construction specialists with over 100-years-experience to create a stunning eco-friendly garden building solution. At EcoGreenCabins, we work with quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. We also incorporate eco-solutions, such as, solar panels to create an energy-efficient cost-effective building.  We offer a range of designs and styling options to suit your space and budget.

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