Conservatory to Orangery conversion

Orangeries are built with a perimeter roof and a suspended roof lantern or glass lantern, and either a single set of opening French-style doors or bifold doors. The orangery itself is a bespoke structure that was designed based on the owner's requirements and was to be built on the existing foundation and to fit onto a property. These structures can perform as property extensions.  The construction methods ensure the highest level of insulation for both heat and sound and ensure all year round use like any standard solid extension providing space and usage as kitchens and living rooms, or as a structure to connect two properties.

Main reasons for the conversion
The old conservatory was unusable because the old roof is damaged or and has failed. 

Generally, the structure looks scruffy and covered in moss/mildew.
It was virtually impossible to maintain a comfortable interior temperature due to the poor thermal performance of the roof and windows. Therefore, during the Summer months, the roof acted like a magnifying glass and made the room unbearably hot. Also, just the opposite in Winter because all the heat evaporates through the roof. 
When it rained, the room was just too noisy and leaked all over the place.
The old windows were made with low-grade softwood and were crumbling and required change just after ten years since the original construction.

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